Friday, 21 June 2013

Display Your Cabinet Bar Bottle With Illuminated LED Liquor Shelves

How will you illuminated LED cabinet liquor bottle shelves which has the ability to change your bar look. It is necessary to put some thought into the mirror before you go outside to explore with your bar decoration ideas.  It needs to be visually appealing, allow your potential customers to see what brands you have available, and give your bartender easy access to the liquor they need at any given moment in a stylish way. While taking care of the designing, you shouldn’t forget about the basic functionality of your bar. There are two ways to handle this issue which are discussed below.

LED Liquor Shelves Display

Common Practice For LED Liquor Display: This method carry out common practice for exhibiting the high-end alcohol bottle on the top shelf of the LED liquor display. This is an age old way of displaying your liquor with colorful lights. This technique is still quite common, and can be very effective for bars that choose a strictly classic approach to their liquor display. Many bars these days install custom liquor shelves, allowing for complete control over what they look like, and display liquor bottles. It is also important to always have the liquors on display in stock; as nothing annoys customers more than not being able to get what they ordered. If you consistently are out of the brands you have on display, you will lose customers as it’s not a good marketing trend.

Customized Functional Liquor Bar Display: If it is not possible to set up common LED liquor bottle display or you want a more customized solution for your LED liquor shelves to show off more color for your cabinet lighting go with a functional liquor bar display. You can easily display the bar bottles in a colorful way so that the most popular bottle set should be within the bartenders reach and the customer can easily choose the brand he/she wants to savor. You should employ the “top shelf” method and put the most expensive liquor in the back of the display in full view of the customers.  These are the brands that are ordered more infrequently, so your bartender will not have to reach for them as often hence your bar will remain organized. Smooth access by the bartender and good service plays an important role in the functioning of the bar.

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