Friday, 12 April 2013

lighted bar display

When you are leaving for home after a tired day at office and want to relax, you don’t want to be surrounded by another four walls after leaving from the one of your office. You may want to go to a restaurant or a pub and chill out at a bar. A bar must relax you and refresh you. For this, the comfort, lighting and the ambiance play an important role. The bottles on the display should look attractive enough to excite the mind and relax the body. The LED lights can change the look of the bar and give it completely different feel.

lighted bar display Bottle

lighted bar bottle display

lighted bar Bottle LED display
The bar holds the bottles and also looks attractive, hence proving two purposes. The bars are stylish and cool and are very eye catching. Bars stand works like an artificial bar tender.  Before the bar tender mixes your drink the bar stand already shows you the display and makes you decide what you would like to drink.
It has completely encased LED lighting and flame polished to eliminate sharp edges with CE certified 3-chip RGB LED lights and 44 Key RGB wireless remote to control unlimited colors and multiple lighting effects.
It has features which are value for money, like….

Bottle Capacity: 2ft holds 6, 3ft holds 9, 4ft holds 12, 5ft holds 15, 6ft holds 18, 7ft holds 21, & 8ft holds 24 bottles

Display Rail Dimensions: 9”D x 3/4” thick

Power: Standard 12 volt DC UL Listed power supply
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